Employment Practices Improvement Committee (EPIC)

Employment Practices Improvement Committee (EPIC) is a systemwide committee made up of professionals in risk, human resources, legal, and compliance and audit, whose mission is to reduce the number of employment practices claims and improve the working experience for university faculty and staff.

This committee uses employment practices claims and complaints to take a targeted approach to training by reviewing loss data, comparing it to departments and locations which had the most frequent loss experience and analyzing the data for trends. Upon discovering a particular trend, EPIC works with the campus and or systemwide departments to provide training programs to university managers, supervisors and employees.

EPIC membership

Eric Behrens Office of the President Managing Counsel, Litigation, Labor and Employment
Cheryl Lloyd Office of the President Chief Risk Officer
Karen Hull UC Davis Associate VC - Human Resources
Johanna Klohn UC Los Angeles Health System Chief Risk Officer
Lubbe Levin UC Los Angeles Associate VC – Human Resources
John Lohse Office of the President Director of Investigations - Ethics, Compliance & Audit
Pam Lombardo UC Santa Barbara Director, EH&S and Risk Services
Mary Miller UC Merced Vice Chancellor for Administration
Sheila O'Rouke UC Berkeley Assistant Provost Academic Affairs
Carole Rossi UC Santa Cruz Chief Campus Counsel
Valerie Shelton Office of the President Senior Counsel, Litigation, Labor and Employment
Patricia Thatcher UC Irvine Executive Director Human Resources
Leslie Van Houten Office of the President Senior Counsel, Litigation, Labor and Employment

Training & education

Beginning in 2009, EPIC sponsors a series of training and educational seminars and webinar focusing on employment related concerns.

Please contact Cheryl Lloyd if you have any suggestions for future educational content. The committee is in the process of developing curriculum for 2011.