UC Ready

Mission Continuity Planning

UC Ready logoThe University of California constantly faces a variety of risks. Efforts revolve around preventing, preparing for, mitigating, responding to, and recovering from negative events. If the University is better prepared to handle everyday events, then the University will be ready to face the unimaginable. UC is creating a common framework to make UC "event-ready."

To support this endeavor, we are proud to announce the UC Ready continuity planning tool. This is a systemwide program that enables all of our campuses, medical centers and national laboratory to better prepare to meet the challenges of resuming business operations after a major event occurs.

Such major events can be:

  • All encompassing (major earthquake, pandemic illness, etc.)
  • Localized (Fire in a building, basement flood, etc.)
  • Personal (Failure of a hard drive)

Whatever the event, our goal is to become "event ready" so that we can continue our teaching, research, healthcare and service mission with minimal interruption. The UC Ready continuity tool is an on-line program that allows all departments to easily produce a continuity plan that identifies both strategies for coping with events when they occur and preparations that can be done in advance. View a demonstration of the UC Ready tool.

The method

The UC Ready methodology is straightforward:

  1. Create departmental plans. Each operational-level department uses the on-line tool to create a Departmental Continuity Plan. The final section of each plan is a set of Action Items, identified by departmental staff, that will make the department more able to keep functioning in the face of disruptive events.
  2. Track action items. Action items are tracked for completion.
  3. Refresh each plan annually.
  4. Create a campus plan. Experience shows that some of the action items identified by departments are broad in scope. These are grouped into a campus-level continuity plan.

UC participants - funding for staff

UCOP/Office of Risk Services offers matching funds to support the UC Ready effort at each UC institution. View the details.