Contract and Grant Manual Introduction

The Contract and Grant Manual recognizes that contract and grant administration must consider both the internal functions of the University and external sponsor requirements. Therefore, this Manual provides the policy requirements that are necessary to meet the internal institutional needs related to the contract and grant administration function, as well as the major external Federal and State sponsor policy requirements.   The systemwide office responsible for policy leadership and implementation within the University for each major area is identified.

References to and summaries of policies included in other systemwide manuals and University issuances are provided in the Contract and Grant Manual.  The Contract and Grant Manual only provides primary treatment of policy on subjects not covered elsewhere. The Manual is not intended to cover operational practices or procedures.


  • Policies in this Manual apply to all University organizations and components within the jurisdiction of The Regents of the University of California including Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) and UC Extension.   
  • The Manual applies to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) extramural projects that are proposed to a sponsor other than DOE and when a project or program is supported by awards made directly to The Regents on behalf of LBNL rather than through a funding action to one of the major contracts with DOE.
  • Policies in this Manual do not apply to Federal construction grants to the extent they are subject to the policies and procedures in the University Facilities Manual, or to awards for student scholarships, grants or loans, or work study programs within the scope of campus and systemwide administration student aid offices.


Research Policy Analysis and Coordination, on behalf of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, is responsible for publishing and maintaining the Contract and Grant Manual.