Research Enterprise Management System

Research Enterprise Management System (REMS) is the application used to track indirect cost exceptions, maintain sponsor codes, and publish sponsor guidance.

  • The Indirect Cost (IDC) Exception module supports the review, approval and tracking of IDC exceptions. It also serves as the data repository for all approved IDC exceptions.
  • The Sponsor Code module provides basic information about the sponsors of extramural projects at UC.
  • The Sponsor Guidance module replaces the Non-Profit and State Database and provides in-depth guidance to campuses about specific sponsors.

Accessing REMS

  • REMS is password-protected, and each module is restricted to those who have a business need to access the information.
  • Effective December 11, 2014, REMS must be accessed at
  • Your previously-issued User ID and password will continue to work at this new location.

Requesting REMS access

To gain access, two forms must be completed and forwarded to UCOP for review and approval:

  1. UCOP Corporate Systems Access Request for Non-UCOP Users (pdf)
  2. University of California Electronic Information Resources User Agreement (pdf)

Before requesting access to REMS, please contact your local Contracts and Grants/Sponsored Projects Office. Research Policy Analysis and Coordination (RPAC) will not authorize access to REMS without prior campus approval.

Completed account request forms or questions about REMS should be directed to