University of California Observatories Board

The UC Observatories represent a major investment by the University of California in observing facilities to support astronomical research and education throughout its 10-campus system. The past investment has been an important element in bringing excellence to astronomical research at UC. To provide oversight of the management of these resources as well as to recommend the most effective use of the systemwide funding, the Office of the President (UCOP) established a new UC Observatories Board in 2012. The purpose of this board is to: 

  1. Help optimize the research and educational opportunities and total investment made by UC in systemwide shared astronomical facilities including Lick, Keck, and the Thirty Meter Telescope observatories. 
  2. Oversee the implementation of long-range plans for UC supported astronomical facilities. 
  3. Provide guidance on major decisions within the purview of the UC Observatories and telescope facilities.
  4.  Oversee shared governance of the UC Observatories by ensuring that the program plans and budgets are developed by the UC community and the UC system.