uBuy Sourcing Director Training

uBuy Sourcing Director is the Jaggaer application that allows buyers to manage sourcing events online. Training is divided into five sections, below.  Select the desired category to view reference guides and job aids and to access video walk-throughs and online training. 

For new users attempting to gain access to the tool: View the Training Videos below to learn the technology. Once you have completed viewing the videos, request access by emailing UC Procurement Services Support at support@ucprocure.zendesk.com and cc your local Sourcing- Campus Primary Representative.

General Overview Video 1 - uBuy Sourcing Director Overview
Event Creation Video

1 - Create New, Setup, Add Users & Description
2 - Prerequisites, Buyer & Supplier Attachments
3 - Questions, Additional Item Fields & Items
4 - Inviting Suppliers
5 - Review & Submit

Supplier View Video

1 - Public Page, Registration, Navigation, Searching

2 - Standard Bid Response

Open Event Management Video

1 - Dashboard Overview, Supplier Responses
2 - Addendum, History, Copy Event

3 - Supplier Question & Answer Board
4 - Adding Suppliers, Adding Users
5 - Close Early, Reopen, Withdraw

Panel Questionnaire Video

1 - Setup Panel Questions

2 - Inviting Panelists, Publishing, and Maintenance

3 - Panelist Response

Event Evaluation Video

1 - Event Evaluation

2-Close Without Award

RFxtra Webinars

RFxtra webinars demonstrate uBuy Sourcing Director best practices and supplemental training to help users with the tool. Select from the options below to view recordings of the recurring sessions.

December 2015 Video Inviting suppliers and new site enhancements
April 2016 Video Evaluation steps and hiding prices
May 2016 Video Award notifications and supplier searching
June 2016 Video Adjusting supplier pool and close without awarding
August 2016 Video Extending event and public site attachments
September 2016 Video Supplier invitation and registration process
October 2016 Video RFx Amendments
November 2016 Video Evaluation tools and best practices
December 2016 Video RFx Amendments
January 2017 Video Supplier experience and Q&A boards
March 2017 Video Questions & Items Import Templates
April 2017 Video New Sourcing Enhancements
June 2017 Video Exporting Supplier Responses and Manual Award Process

Before uBuy Sourcing Director, UC used a sourcing tool name SRS (Supplier, Registration and Sourcing). If you need access to these historical events or need additional information about the application, please reach out to UC Procurement Services Support at support@ucprocure.zendesk.com.