Supplier Registration & Sourcing Access Request

New user access requests will only be accepted fom the campus Single Point of Contact (SPOC).
  1. SPOC will “Check Out” and update the new 2013 Master SRS User Access spreadsheet on Sharepoint and open the appropriate Tab for your campus
  2. If a user is on the list, but has not received an SRS login and password, SPOC will verify the user’s email address.  If your campus uses Select Site/Higher Market, please enter their Select Site/Higher Market ID and complete all required fields
  3. If request is for a new user, SPOC will enter the new user's information into the green section at the bottom of the spreadsheet and complete all required fields
  4. Once all updates have been entered, SPOC must save and “Check In” the updated spreadsheet on Sharepoint.  When prompted, SPOC must also provide “Check In Comments” briefly explaining the update (i.e., “Added Jane Doe as an RFx Buyer” or “Verified email address for John Doe”)
The check-in will trigger an automatic email notification to the SRS Team that a user update has been submitted.