Professional Development Sponsorships

In support of its commitment to foster leadership, career development, and advancement for UCOP employees, PACSW has launched the PACSW Sponsorship for Professional Development.

The purpose of this sponsorship is to facilitate learning opportunities and professional development by sponsoring attendance at workshops, conferences, seminars, or academic/online courses that will enhance leadership skills, improve professional competency, enhance career progression, and/or keep employees abreast of workplace practices and technology.

Who can participate?

Policy-covered staff employees who hold career appointments and who have worked at UCOP for at least one year are eligible and encouraged to apply for sponsorship.

We regret that we are unable to offer sponsorship to employees covered under collective bargaining agreements. However, other development opportunities are available through the UC Learning Center.

Members of the Senior Management Group are also ineligible.

What is the process?

To be considered for sponsorship, employees must demonstrate a commitment to career enhancement and professional growth by providing a completed application to PACSW, including a Statement of Purpose, by the due date. An employee may submit more than one application for sponsorship per fiscal year; however, an employee may receive only one PACSW award per fiscal year.

  • Complete Application (pdf)
  • Submit completed applications to: PACSW-SPONSORSHIP-L@UCOP.EDU
  • PACSW will review all applications and select employees for sponsorship. Priority will be given to those applicants who:
    • Most clearly articulate why they want to attend the event and how it will contribute to their professional development;
    • Have strong support from their immediate supervisor/department; and
    • Have not received PACSW sponsorship before.
  • Employees will be notified of PACSW’s decision via email.
  • Applications must be submitted by the deadlines listed below to be considered for sponsorship.

What amount is sponsored?

PACSW sponsorship will coordinate payment for registration fees up to $300. All other costs must be paid by the employee’s department and/or personally by the employee.

Sponsorships will be awarded until budgeted funds are exhausted, depending on the number and registration cost of sponsorships.

Seminars & conferences eligible for sponsorship

Professional Business Women of California (PBWC) – Conference in San Francisco

Women in Leadership (WIL) – Conference at UC Berkeley

Leadership in Education for Asian Pacific, Inc. (LEAP) – Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program in Higher Education (LDPHE)

American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network Northern California

Please note: Other events that promote professional development may be considered for sponsorship in addition to the ones listed above; however, events that cover topics offered through the UC Learning Center or individual departments will not be eligible. Applications must be submitted at least 2 months prior to the event date in order to be considered.

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