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Contacts by division/department

Division/department Compensation Consultant
Academic Affairs Immediate Office Kristy Farrell
Academic Personnel Kristy Farrell
Academic Planning, Programs and Coordination Kristy Farrell
Academic Senate Mary Nuernberger
Agriculture and Natural Resources Kristy Farrell
Chief Financial Officer
Mary Nuernberger
Chief Investment Officer
Mary Nuernberger
Chief Operations Officer except Human Resources
Kristy Farrell
Education Partnerships Kristy Farrell
Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services Kristy Farrell
External Relations Kristy Farrell
Health Sciences and Services Kristy Farrell
Human Resources Mary Nuernberger
Information Technology Services (ITS) Kristy Farrell
Institutional Research Kristy Farrell
Laboratory Management Mary Nuernberger
Office of the General Counsel Mary Nuernberger
President’s Executive Office Terry Weinstein
Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) Kristy Farrell
Secretary of the Regents & Chief of Staff Terry Weinstein
Student Affairs Kristy Farrell
UCPath Center Mary Nuernberger