Temporary Office of the President Staffing (TOPS)

The University of California Office of the President operates an in-house temporary program called TOPS (Temporary Office of the President Staffing), which seeks skilled analysts, administrative assistants, and data processors.

TOPS employees provide immediate assistance to UCOP departments to complete special projects or fill in for employees who are on vacation or leave. Hourly rates and duties vary dependent upon classification of positions. Assignments range in length from one day to several months. It is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable UC experience.

TOPS program guidelines

  • Provide immediate temporary assistance to UCOP departments to complete special projects or substitute for career employees while on vacation, sick leave or during recruitment for a vacancy.
  • Assignments span all non-exempt clerical, secretarial, administrative and professional levels. Typically, classifications range from Administrative Assistant to Administrative Analyst.
  • Applicants have a minimum of one to two years administrative experience with excellent word processing skills (may include MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Access), excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and flexibility and reliability in job assignments.
  • TOPS staff checks work references and gives software tests on MS Word and Excel to all referred candidates. When required, background checks are conducted for critical positions.
  • TOPS employees are paid bi-weekly and pay rates are based on the classification of the position.
  • Classifications assigned for TOPS placements are covered under the Teamsters Local 2010 union contract for clerical positions or the Personnel Policies for Staff Members for professional level positions.
  • TOPS positions are floater appointments since, by definition, the individuals are employed in a temporary employment pool. Length of appointments vary:
  • For positions covered under the Teamsters Local 2010 contract, TOPS floater appointees may work up to a maximum of 36 months, but not more than 1500 hours in the same assignment, in the same department, doing the same work in a 36-month period.
  • For positions covered under the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM), a floater appointment may be established at any percent of full time for up to two years duration.
  • Benefits include sick leave, vacation leave (If appointment is 6 or more months), and holiday leave if they work more than 50% of the working hours in a month. They are eligible to receive CORE medical insurance if they average 17.5 hours per week.

TOPS process

  1. Determine department's staffing needs. Department needs to decide:
    • the length of the temporary assignment,
    • the type skills needed to perform the job,
    • the job duties and requirements needed
    • the work hours
    • who will supervise the employee
    • account, fund and sub (3, 5 or 7) for the position.

  2. Complete your TOPS request online. You request assistance from the TOPS Program by creating a position description in CATS. Start with Begin New Action, then select New TOPS Position Description (fifth choice), complete the position description and submit the request to your Departmental Approver. The Departmental Approver's approval will send the request to the TOPS Coordinator for action.

    The TOPS Coordinator will sign the employee up for payroll and benefits, and you will be added as an approver in the online payroll system, TOPSTIME. When the employee submits their hours you get an e-mail notification, you go in the system to approve the employee's hours, and the system sends your approval to TOPS to process the employee's paycheck.

  3. End the assignment. When the assignment is ending, or you do not need the continued services of your employees, call the TOPS Coordinator. Provide TOPS with feedback on the temporary employee's general work performance and attendance on the evaluation form. This will assist TOPS in placing the employee in future assignments if their performance and attendance is satisfactory.