IRAP plays an increasingly important role in Universitywide survey administration. We collaborates with UC campuses for a biennial University of California Undergraduate Student Experience Survey (UCUES), and has assisted other OP departments with their survey projects such as the alumni survey, cost of attendance survey, graduate student support survey, market research survey, diversity structure survey, and climate survey.

UC Global Food Initiative Survey

In June 2015, Nutrition Policy Institute of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources collaborated with IRAP on the UC Global Food Initiative Survey, as a part of the UC President’s Global Food Initiative. The survey is intended to learn about issues related to food access and food insecurity among UC students. The ultimate goal is to learn how the University of California can do a better job of creating access to sustainable and healthful foods.

Undergraduate Application Survey

In May 2015, the application redesign team partnered with IRAP to conduct the UC Undergraduate Application Survey. Two separate surveys were administered to the most recent applicant pool, one for students who completed the application and the other for those who started the application but did not complete to gain an understanding of the experience students had with the application.

Medical Service Plan Link

Medical Service Plan

Human Resources launched its annual medical plan satisfaction survey for faculty, staff and retirees who are not enrolled in Medicare. The survey ran between June 30th and July 15th, 2014. IRAP administered the survey and tabulated the results.

UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) Link

UCUES solicits student opinions about academic and co-curricular experiences, collects information about student behavior and presents demographic information.

Campus Climate Survey

Through spring 2013, UC administered the largest university system climate study that reached out to more than 386,000 individuals. This study creates a baseline of data that will help us better understand how members of the university community relate to one another on a daily basis.

UC Undergraduate Alumni Survey

UC undertook a survey in 2010 of baccalaureate degree recipients 5, 10 and 20 years after receiving their degrees to assess student outcomes and success. Three exit cohorts were invited to answer questions that support analyses of geographic and career destination, contributions to California and the nation, and perceptions of UC education and its impact on their social, career and life goals.

UC Graduate Alumni Survey

This survey is collecting information from UC doctoral alumni regarding their experiences and achievements since earning their UC doctoral degree. Along with the UC Berkeley doctoral alumni survey, this effort will produce the first-ever UC systemwide doctoral alumni survey and provide a comprehensive view of this particularly accomplished group. Survey results are not yet released.

UC Graduate Student Support Survey Link

Conducted by the University of California every three years. Data from the survey is used to inform UC policy makers about the competitiveness of financial award packages offered by UC campuses and by UC’s top competitor institutions.

UC Cost of Attendance survey Link

The Cost of Attendance Survey is conducted by the University of California every three years. Survey data are used to inform UC policy makers, students, and others about how much it actually costs to attend the UC.