IRAP plays a major role in producing the following key reports on UC operations. These reports are instrumental in providing extensive data in demonstrating UC’s transparency, measurement for success, and accountability.

Accountability Report Link

A comprehensive annual assessment of the university's progress in meeting key teaching, research and public service goals.

Employee Trends at UC: Focus on Staff May 2015 PDF

May 2015

Staff growth is concentrated in the health sciences and staff paid with "core funds" have decreased since 2007.

Financial support database inventories

IRAP produces reports that contain the undergraduate and graduate student financial aid reports.

UC Staff Workforce Profiles


Demographic information demonstrating the variety and complexity of the UC workforce.

Doctoral persistence and completion rates March 2014 PDF

March 2014

Report assessing persistence and completion rates of UC doctoral students over a period of ten years, for 2000-2002 entry cohorts.

Time-to-doctorate at UC and comparison institutions October 2014 PDF

October 2014

Study focusing on systemwide time-to-doctorate for 2010-2012 exit cohorts.

Annual wage data Link

This report provides annual summaries of earnings by fund source and job categories.

UC Student/Workforce data

Data on each of the three steps involved in becoming a UC student: prospective students who submit applications; the applicants to whom UC offers admission; and the students who then enroll at one of UC's campuses.