The map gallery below illustrates the many ways that UC is part of your life, every day. This section includes interactive and static California maps, generated by IRAP, on topics ranging from where students, faculty, staff and alumni live to where UC off-campus community programs are located.

Interactive map: UC in Legislative and Congressional Districts Link

Geospatial maps demonstrating the university’s impact beyond its campus boarders, supporting the mission of teaching, research and public service.

UC Off-Campus Community Programs Link

UC’s involvement in the community through cultural, art and business partnerships.

K-12 and community college services Link

Illustration of UC’s commitment to these sectors of education.

Teacher professional development and teacher preparation programs Link

Partnership programs providing teacher training and professional development.

Health services and nutrition; Agriculture, environment and natural resources, and Natural Reserve Sites Link

Demonstrating UC‘s contribution to health, nutrition, agriculture and environmental education.

Geographic origins of entering undergraduates: Freshmen Link

The proportion of freshmen by California’s major regions.

Geographic origins of entering undergraduates: Transfer Link

The proportion of transfers by California’s major regions.