IRAP produces briefing notes and fact sheets that summarize key report findings and critical issues to the University and the State.

UC plays a pivotal role in improving social mobility in California and the nation September 2015 PDF

September 2015

The New York Times’ College Access Index 2015 underscores UC’s leadership role in providing access, affordability and positive outcomes for a large number of low-income students.

The College Scorecard shows UC is a good investment for students, their families and federal and state governments September 2015 PDF

September 2015

Joining the White House’s efforts to promote transparency, this brief provides a summary of how UC compares to other universities on critical measures regarding access, affordability and outcomes.

The University of California Excels in National and International Rankings September 2015 PDF

September 2015

UC continues to be recognized on various dimensions of academic excellence. Most recently, the U.S. News and World Report names five UC campuses among the 10 best public institutions in the nation and six in the top 11.

UC’s commitment to serve our growing student veteran community September 2015 PDF

September 2015

A description of UC’s veteran students — most transfer from California Community Colleges and are ethnically diverse.

Comparative Salaries for Research University Leaders September 2015 PDF

September 2015

An overview of comparison salaries for university leaders at UC and AAU public and private institutions using Chronicle of Higher Education data. UC chancellors continue to place among the lowest-paid university leaders despite recent salary increases.

How much debt do undergraduates have upon finishing their degrees? August 2015 PDF

August 2015

IRAP presents data on cumulative debt from 1999-2000 to 2013-14 and shows comparisons between UC campuses and other public and private 4-year institutions.

UC innovations in education are improving student outcomes February 2015 PDF

February 2015

UC is leveraging technology to promote student success. In January 2015, UC campuses came together to discuss strategies to increase student success at the Undergraduate Completions Conference.

STEM Degree Production at UC February 2015 PDF

February 2015

UC leads California in STEM degree production at nearly 50,000 STEM degrees in 2012-13.

The University of California delivers on its commitment to promote social mobility February 2015 PDF

February 2015

UC's low-income students succeed in completing degrees and in the California labor market after graduating.

California Bar Association Pass Rates January 2015 PDF

January 2015

A comparison of the Bar Examination pass rates among law school graduates shows UC compares favorably with other California law schools.

UC Supports Transfer Students November 2014 PDF

November 2014

University of California is committed to helping community college students thrive by ensuring admission is accessible and affordable while seeing them through completion of their degrees.

Survey of UC Doctoral Alumni October 2014 PDF

October 2014

The University of California, Office of the President, in collaboration with campus graduate divisions and alumni offices, surveyed UC Ph.D. recipients who completed their studies within the last 40 years to ask about their career success and satisfaction.

UC is committed to access and affordability Link

August 2014

IRAP and Communications highlights how UC has held fast to its historic commitment of affordability and access for its students.

Comparative Salaries for Public University System Leaders June 2014 PDF

June 2014

An overview of comparison salaries for public research university system leaders at UC and AAU-related institution systems using data collected and published by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Does income factor into graduation rates? May 2014 PDF

May 2014

IRAP presents UC data to contrast national data published in The New York Times Magazine article on Sunday, May 18th titled “Who Gets to Graduate?”