Self-supporting programs

A new policy on Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs was adopted in September 2011. Since 1996, when the original policy was adopted, there has been slow but steady growth in the number of self-supporting professional programs. UC now has over 40 such programs, enrolling over 4,000 students and generating over $100 million in fee revenue. These programs address very specific workforce needs as well as generating resources to support core academic departments.

Current Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs Policy:

Campus Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs resources:

UC Berkeley Final Report of the Self-Supporting Degree Programs Task Force, November 2010

UCB Self-Supporting Degree Types

UC Davis Task Force Report on Self-Supporting Degree Programs, January 2012

Policy for Self-Supporting Degree Programs, January 2014 (pdf)

 UC Irvine – Self Supporting Proposal Guidelines, November 2012

Process for Developing SSPs 

UCLA Report of the joint Senate-Administration Task Force regarding Non-traditional programs, including Self-Supporting Degree Programs and Certificate Programs, July 2010

 UC San Diego MAS (Self-Supporting) Proposal Resources