The University of California (UC) has historically reported on measures of institutional quality that have been of interest to the governor, legislature, university leaders, and the general public.

IRAP takes the lead in collaborating with key UC Office of the President and campus colleagues to support the following accountability efforts.

Accountability Report Link

By partnering with other UCOP colleagues in identifying measures that result in key teaching, research and public service goals, IRAP manages production of this comprehensive annual assessment of the university's progress.


IRAP collaborates with UC campus accreditation officers to represent UC’s academic interests to statewide planning entities and the regional accrediting body, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

State performance outcomes

In compliance with Assembly Bill 94, IRAP collaborated with the Budget Office to produce UC’s submission of the performance outcomes report.

State Authorization of Distance Education

IRAP coordinates UC’s systemwide compliance with state regulations governing distance education.