About IRAP


Higher education institutions are increasingly called upon to account for the value of a college degree. As the largest public academic research institution in the world, UC must lead the way in advocating for the purpose and importance of public higher education. UC plays a major role in promoting social mobility, fulfilling dreams, and contributing to the economic development of the state and the nation.

Institutional Research & Academic Planning (IRAP) helps illustrate UC’s progress, challenges, and outcomes to continue support for its mission and identify areas for future investment. Our decision support services assist UC’s leadership by providing evidence-based analyses and reports that inform and shape university management. With access to and an understanding of UC’s data-rich resources, IRAP is in a unique position to analyze data across all ten UC campuses. We can perform environmental scans and peer analyses that serve both UC and public higher education experts across the country.

IRAP takes the lead in producing data-driven narratives and data visualizations in print and online to promote transparency, support advocacy, and identify areas of improvement. Furthermore, IRAP is partnering with UC leadership to develop a research agenda and produce proactive analyses that advance critical issues for UC and for higher education as a whole.


Accuracy: Produce trustworthy, unbiased, relevant, and thorough analyses that provide context, inform policy, assist program development, and guide decision-making.

Creativity: Develop data-driven narratives and data visualizations that are innovative and compelling, and that offer decision support.

Collaboration: Engage with colleagues within the UC Office of the President, at UC campuses, and among external partners to advance the mission of UC and the goals of public higher education.

Expertise: Provide substantive context for understanding and managing key areas, including student admissions, financial aid, enrollment, student outcomes, academic programs, policies, personnel, research, finance, and workforce.

Skill sets

Areas of expertise include accountability/performance outcome reporting, academic planning and policy, students (i.e., admissions, enrollment planning, financial support, student experience, and outcomes), research, finance, and workforce and compensation. IRAP experts not only have an extensive understanding of existing institutional data resources and potential uses, we can integrate data across subject areas to produce a comprehensive picture and support collaborative work. Our skill sets include:

Decision support services

  • Official reporting (Accountability Report, systemwide and campus comparisons), in addition to ad hoc analyses and research
  • Survey research, analysis and reporting (UC Undergraduate Experience Survey, Graduate Alumni Survey, Campus Climate Survey)
  • Impact assessment and program evaluation
  • Predictive modeling
  • Results presentation/data visualizations (Regents presentations, UC InfoCenter)

Data stewardship and access

  • Regular data collection, including campus submissions and external data sources
  • Data quality assessment and extensive understanding of available data elements
  • UCOP Data Warehouse, in partnership with Information Technology Services

External monitoring, environmental scanning, and external reporting in support of campuses

  • Intersegmental comparisons (California Community Colleges and Cal State Universities)
  • Peer analyses and external data sources (Association of American Universities Data Exchange, Survey of Earned Doctorates)
  • External reporting (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System [IPEDS], National Science Foundation Research & Expenditures Survey, US News & World Report), state and federal requirements