The IAS Information Systems group develops and maintains systems, tools and databases. These systems are employed by various departments, both within the Office of the President and on UC campuses, that work with UC intellectual property (IP). Developing these systems is important for the UC system as all IP, originating from multiple campus locations, is the property of a single legal entity: The Regents. These systems allow for integrated reporting and improved handling of the risks associated with management of IP at multiple locations within the system.

IT services performed by this group include:

  • System and database administration
  • System and database development
  • Application installation, maintenance and support
  • Networking
  • System monitoring
  • Storage and backup
  • Data recovery
  • Customized reporting

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Information Technology Services (ITS) Link

ITS provides information technology services to UCOP and campuses systemwide.

Ron Franck

Director, Information Systems

Phone: (510) 587-6028


Lisa Chartrand

End User Support Analyst

Phone: (858) 847-9414


Patrick Roach

End User Support Analyst

Phone: (510) 587-6029


Sajeel Malani

Programmer Analyst


Jeane Kim

Data Integrity Analyst

Phone: (510) 987-0410
Fax: (510) 835-3705