Accountability Link

The annual Accountability Report assesses the university's progress in meeting key teaching, research and public service goals.

Working Smarter Link

By cutting costs and generating revenue through a series of focused new initiatives, UC is on track to save $500 million over five years.

Commission on the Future Link

How can UC maintain access, quality and affordability in the face of severely limited state resources? The commission's November 2010 report addressing that question is shaping UC’s actions.

Sustainability Link

UC is aggressively moving to reduce its impact on the environment -- from energy-saving buildings to cutting waste in food service.

Campus climate Link

The Office of the President is leading an effort to conduct a comprehensive assessment of campus climate, gathering a pool of data to help build environments where people feel respected and valued.

Civil Disobedience Initiative Link

CDI is working to implement the recommendations of the Robinson Edley Report, which identified practices that facilitate free expression and encourage lawful protest activity while protecting the safety of the UC community.