Systems Engineering


The Networking group provides network access to multiple UCOP Oakland locations. The unit installs, troubleshoots, and upgrades the UCOP wired and wireless networks and related systems, and designs and manages network security programs.


  • Design, implement, and support the UCOP network at multiple Oakland locations
  • Connect the UCOP network to the Internet and an educational, statewide network (CENIC)
  • Operate the UCOP wireless network
  • Provide virtual private network (VPN) services for remote access
  • Implement and enhance network security strategies, including firewalls and intrusion detection devices

Storage Engineering

The Storage Engineering group is responsible for the design, management and administration of all enterprise storage and backup/recovery systems at the UC Office of the President Campus. The group supports multiple SAN and NAS storage devices running Linux, UNIX, Windows and z/OS platforms. The team also manages data replication between UCOP and UCSD for our services utilizing Disaster Recovery.

UNIX/Linux Systems

The UNIX/Linux Systems group administers two operating systems (UNIX/Linux and Windows) that support mission-critical systems. Systems that operate in the UNIX/Linux environment include At Your Service Online, Effort Reporting, the various corporate systems, the Corporate Data Warehouse, and California Digital Library systems. UNIX also provides the infrastructure for Web hosting and secure file transfer at UCOP.


  • Administer operating systems and storage systems
  • Research and test system upgrades
  • Make upgrade purchase decisions
  • Manage capacity to ensure performance over time
  • Deploy solutions in coordination with applications and networking groups that utilize the operating systems
  • Provide server support services, including network connectivity, patch management, backup, procurement, build-out, security

Windows Engineering

The Windows Engineering group is responsible for the design, management and administration of the Enterprise Microsoft Directory Services, including email/messaging and local file/print services for the UCOP Campus. The group also manages and supports the UCOP Virtual Server Environment for all windows virtual systems in our Oakland Data Center.