Information Security at the Office of the President

UCOP Information Security Awareness Course

Most cases of compromised data are the result of unintentional actions, or inactions, and can be prevented by following good information security measures. Compromised data can result in major security breaches that damage work, careers and reputations, and are expensive to repair. Whether you work with other people's personal information or just your own, information security is everyone's responsibility.

To support everyone in their responsibility to protect information, UC has developed an online Information Security Awareness course. The course describes current threats to the security of information and best practices you can adopt to protect UC information as well as your own.

Completing the course should take approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

You can access the course right now through the UC Learning Center:

  • Sign in with your UCOP login and password.
  • Using the search box on the left, type in "Information Security Awareness."
  • The course name and description will appear; be sure to select the OP_SECURITY option.
  • Click "start" to launch the course; note that you must enable cookies in order for the course to begin.

Please email LHR-UCOPLearningandDevelopment-SA if you have problems accessing the course.

Please email InfoSec if you have questions about the course content.