Business Intelligence and Reporting and Financial Systems

The Data Warehouse and Corporate Systems unit provides a broad spectrum of services centered around universitywide data collection and reporting. These services enable the university to meet internal needs for corporate data and to fulfill a variety of fiduciary and legal obligations, including the production of reports required by the State of California and by federal agencies. The unit’s customers include UC Office of the President departments and UC campuses that require corporate data for myriad purposes.

Corporate Systems
The unit is responsible for the operation of over thirty separate corporate systems. These systems require the coordination and consolidation of data feeds from multiple UC locations. Because customers’ data needs change constantly, the corporate systems themselves must undergo continuous change. Analysts in the unit work closely with customers to clarify needs and identify solutions. Programmers provide system development, enhancement, and maintenance services, as well as information retrieval services.

Data Warehouse
The Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) is an environment for storage and retrieval of corporate systems data, both current and historical. The CDW was created to facilitate access to integrated, accurate, and timely information. Currently, data from the Corporate Financial, Personnel, and Student systems are included in the CDW.

Endowment and Investment Accounting System
The Endowment and Investment Accounting System (EIAS) is an extremely complex application that manages over $34 billion in University endowments, as well as the calculation and distribution of the short-term investment pool. EIAS data is owned by the UCOP Financial Management Office and is also used by the Treasurers Office, the Budget Office, the Office of Loan Programs, Human Resources & Benefits, campus finance/accounting departments, and the UC foundations. In addition to supporting the system, the unit developed and maintains an online Advances entry process and a Web-based reports delivery application.