Web and Application Services

ITS offers a full range of Web site support services to meet the needs of Office of the President departments and systemwide organizations. The Web Development unit provides UCOP departments everything needed to build and manage static Web sites and dynamic Web pages and database-driven Web sites that allow users to access real-time data and information. The unit works with UCOP customers to evaluate their needs and to propose business solutions. Services include the following:

  • Evaluation of need
  • Determination of the most effective technical approach (e.g., platform/operating system)
  • Designing, re-designing, developing and implementing web-based applications
  • Site hosting in the UCOP Data Center
  • Virtual and domain hosting
  • Access restriction and password protection
  • Standardized and customized search capabilities
  • Analysis of Web server logs (e.g., reporting on usage)
  • Technical support for the Dreamweaver desktop Web publishing tools, and for Adobe Acrobat
  • Development of requirements documents for database and application projects
  • Ongoing technical maintenance of new and existing sites

The ITS Web Development Team provides 4 types of service:

  • Web Publishing - We offer tiered levels of support in this category:
    assisting the Web publisher in your office
    redesigning sites in templates
    maintaining your site completely.
  • Business Process Analysis - We provide assistance to customers to help them define their requirements. This ensures that the document used to develop our estimate accurately reflects your needs, and will result in an application which addresses all the issues. The analyst also works with the customers during the launch of the application, providing training and assistance to the users.
  • Web Application Development - The programmer/developer works with both the analyst and the customer as the application is developed.
  • SharePoint Site Development - The programmer/developer works with both the analyst and the customer as the site is created.


Examples of sites ITS has developed or implemented: