Corporate Data Development and Retrieval

Availability: UCOP and Systemwide

Service Description

ITS supports the policy analysis, planning, and reporting needs of the University by developing and maintaining systems that collect corporate data and by enabling access to this data. ITS staff work with other UC personnel to define needs for corporate data; to develop plans for data collection, reporting, and maintenance; to develop new corporate data resources and reports; to provide data reports on both a regular and an ad hoc basis; and to provide customer training in direct data access and retrieval.

How to Obtain Corporate Data

Data Requests
UC personnel may request ad hoc reports and data extracts through the ITS information retrieval service on a recharge basis. To make a request, contact the appropriate analyst listed above.

Direct Customer Access
UCOP employees and contractors who require access to the data should complete an IT Services Hub form and indicate the corporate system(s) for which data warehouse access is being requested.

Non-UCOP employees/contractors (e.g., campus personnel or individuals from external organizations) must sign and complete the Corporate Systems User Agreement.

For most of the corporate systems, two options are available for direct data access. (1) Customers are encouraged to access data through the Corporate Data Warehouse using the WebFOCUS reporting tool or another query tool of their choice. (2) In addition, customers may access corporate data on the mainframe through the user access interface using the FOCUS programming language.