SharePoint Naming Contest Winners

August 7, 2012

To: UCOP Community
From: Shirley Bittlingmeier, ITS Client Services Officer

The SharePoint naming contest has concluded and we have two announcements:

  1. We're keeping the name SharePoint! In the course of the contest we realized that many people thought it simplest to stick with the familiar name.
  2. However, we received over 140 creative entries and want to acknowledge those that met the contest criteria and garnered the most votes:
    1. First Place: OPUS. Submitted by Chantal Guillemin.
      Explanation: It contains OP (Office of the President); it contains US, as in we, the contributors to the site; and OPUS is the Latin noun for work, composition. It implies what is serious, scholarly, creative, well-crafted and influential. It also implies a grouping of documents. OPUS stands for excellence, just as UC does.
    2. Runner Up: Hive. Submitted by both Lena Zentall and Michael Kusiak.
      Explanation: A hive is about collaboration, work, and a secure place to store the products of your work. It's short, easy to spell and pronounce, friendly, and offers good logo potential. SharePoint is much like a hive. It's a place where all of our ideas come together for a common mission, to support the UC system. The honey in the hive represents our hard work and the collective energy we develop as a OP team to support the UC system.

ITS has presented Amazon gift certificates to each of the three winners. We also would like to express appreciation to all employees who submitted contest entries. Look for more information this fall about the upgrade to SharePoint 2010.