Outlook Archive

August 22, 2012

From: UC OP Staff List On Behalf Of ITS Announcement

Now that the e-mail management program is underway, a good place for PC users to store e-mail messages they want to keep is in the newly implemented Outlook Online Archive.

Description: The Outlook Online Archive is a folder in your Outlook mailbox that provides on-line access to your data. For PC users, the Outlook Archive is a good place to store e-mail messages you want to keep since you can access it via OWA no matter where you are. The archive holds to 10G of e-mail and attachments

How to Get to the Archive. The Outlook Archive is enabled for everyone who uses a PC. If you do not see the folder on your PC, contact the Service Desk. The screenshot below shows how the archive appears in your list of Outlook mail folders.

[See email attachment for graphic.]

Moving E-mail to the Archive. It’s easy to move e-mail from your Inbox or a personal folder into the Outlook Archive. Just click on one or several messages, or the entire personal folder, and drag it to the Outlook Archive folder.

Compatibility. The Outlook Archive is compatible with PCs only. It is not available with Apple computers, smartphones, or iPads; however, it can be accessed via OWA from any of those devices. For Mac users, the best option for storing e-mail you want to keep is to move them to personal folders. E-mail in personal folders is not subject to deletion through the e-mail management program.

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