Calendar Problems with iPhone and iPad

October 25, 2012

To: UCOP Community

From: Shirley Bittlingmeier, ITS Client Services Officer


ITS has learned about a problem related to syncing the Outlook calendar with the Apple operating system for iPhones and iPad. For example, if you decline or delete a meeting using your iPhone, you may actually change the calendars of other people attending the same meeting. The problems are occurring more frequently with the introduction of the latest operating system, iOS 6. Both Microsoft and Apple are working on the problem, but at this time there is no timeframe for resolution.


ITS offers the following recommendations for iPhone and iPad users:

  • Use the iPhone or iPad only to view your calendar, not to manage meetings.
  • Manage your calendar invitations only from your Outlook client or OWA.
  • If your current iPhone/iPad uses iOS v4, avoid getting an update to iOS v6.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk