Back Up Your Data!

February 5, 2014

To: UCOP Community
From: IT Service Desk
Subject: Back Up Your Data!

ITS installs desktop backup software (TSM) on new UCOP computers, and also verifies that the software is functioning whenever ITS needs to troubleshoot a computer.

But TSM is not infallible. To ensure that you don’t lose important work if your computer crashes or you lose your laptop, ITS strongly recommends that you store files on centrally managed servers, which are backed up nightly.

Using Central Storage
To protect critical business files:

  1. Store email that you want to keep in the Online Archive. Information about Online Archive is available in the IT Service Hub. Mac users can access the Online Archive through OWA.
  2. Store business-related files in your individual or departmental file shares. To access share drives, click on My Computer on your PC desktop. If you don’t see a P drive, contact the IT Service Desk. If you are a Mac user and need help connecting to your file shares, please contact the IT Service Desk. Read more about networked file shares.

Improving Desktop Backup
If you do rely on desktop backup, please note only the following locations are backed up (and music, pictures, and video files are not backed up):

  • My Documents
  • Internet Explorer Favorites
  • Files and folders on the desktop
  • Outlook personal folders stored on the hard drive
  • On Mac devices: Desktop and document folder only

To ensure the daily scheduled backup can run,

  • Dock your laptop or use a wired network connection when in the office.
  • Keep your computer turned on during business hours.

More information about desktop backup can be found in the IT Service Hub. Note: Because of bandwidth limitations, backups do not run in the Broadway building or the Sacramento office.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at or (510) 987-0457.