ITS will meet with departmental representatives to develop each department’s deployment schedule. UCOP personnel in all Oakland based locations will be migrated to the Anytime/Anywhere Access environment from July through early 2015.

General timeline and process

For new personnel.
Starting July 7, 2014, all new UCOP personnel will be set up in the cloud environment and provided equipment that suits their job function.

For existing personnel.
Most existing personnel will migrate to the new environment between July and December, per a schedule to be developed with departments. (A general timeline is available to show you how you will be notified during your department’s migration period, and what you will need to do.)  ITS will work with your department to inventory applications and identify a customer profile for each staff member. This information will determine the right computing environment and equipment for each person’s function and work style.

Migration steps.
When it’s your department’s turn to move to the cloud, your own computing environment will be migrated as follows:

  • ITS will install software on your computer which will copy your University data (My Documents, Desktop, Favorites) to cloud storage
    • Mac users will receive instructions on moving their own data
  • You may receive different equipment, or your existing equipment may be configured for anytime/anywhere access
  • Your bookmarks, printer mappings, and email nicknames and signature will be mapped to your new environment
  • You will receive training on storage options and accessing the cloud

What you should do

  • Begin now to cull folders and files. Only data you need to keep should be migrated to cloud storage.
  • Move personal files (especially large files such as photos, games, music, and videos) to other locations.
  • Move your Outlook personal folders (psts) to the Outlook Online Archive.
  • Work with your department to identify your customer profile.