Business Controls

The Business Controls unit supports the Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) in its mission of building a state-of-the art processing center.

The unit is responsible for implementing and administering the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which offers standardized templates and processes for delivering consistent service to our customers, provides management reporting and data to establish best practices, and documents case history and transactions.

Business Controls develops a RASC learning curriculum that emphasizes continuous learning and the service excellence concept, enhances system wide understanding of UCRP, improves employee engagement throughout RASC, and identifies opportunities for skills enhancement, career pathing, and professional development.

Business Controls provides infrastructure tools that support employees in delivering excellent customer service to help employees transition to the next phase of their lives. These tools enable staff to work to their highest and best capacity through process improvement, and support RASC in delivering and sustaining service continuity.

The unit creates and implements service metrics which measure operational performance against historical trends and industry benchmarks, and support continuous improvement of effective and efficient performance that meets or exceeds customer expectations.