Form 700 Filing Instructions

  1. Form 700 and Reference Pamphlet can also be found at the California Fair Political Practices Commission Web site.
  2. Find your position title and disclosure category in the list of Designated Positions and Disclosure Categories.  A glossary that maps the designated positions to the wide range of UC job titles (e.g., the “Chief or Officer” position represents Chief of Police, Chief of Staff, Chief Medical Officer, etc.) is available here.
  3. Complete the cover page and all applicable schedules of the Form 700.
  4. Sign and date the cover page of the Form 700 in blue or black ink.
  5. Annual forms are due April 1, 2016.  Please send your completed Form 700 with the original signature to:
    Karin Rice
    Office of the General Counsel
    1111 Franklin Street, 5th Floor
    Oakland, CA 94607-5200
  6. 10 Common Errors

  7. Campus and Laboratory coordinators are available to assist you with the filing requirements and with completing the Form 700.
  8. 2015/2016 FPPC Amendment Schedules

Form 700 is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. You must first download and install the free reader before you can view or print the form.

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