Resources from UC and the government regarding the FY 2017 budget and appropriations process.

UC and UCSA Letter March 14, 2016 PDF

March 14, 2016

Letter from UC President Janet Napolitano and UC Student Association President Kevin Sabo urging Congress to protect the Pell Grant Program, Federal Perkins Loan Program and Stafford Student Loans.

FY 2017 Federal Priorities February 24, 2016 PDF

February 24, 2016

University of California's Fiscal Year 2017 federal funding priorities.

FY 2017 Federal Budget Request Overview February 10, 2016 PDF

February 10, 2016

Summary of President Obama's Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Request on the issues and programs that are of importance to the University.

FY 2017 Budget Request Link

Information on the President's FY 2017 Budget Request.

Office of Management and Budget Link

Website of the Administration's Office of Management and Budget.