ERMIS dashboards

Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators

The UCOP Office of Risk Services is actively developing and updating KPI dashboards both at the systemwide and campus levels. The table below identifies those dashboards that have been completed or are currently in development.

Dashboard Descriptions (pdf)

Requesting new KPI Dashboards

The Office of Risk Services has developed an ERMIS KPI Request Form (doc) to assist users in identifying new dashboards that will assist them in better managing their risks.  Once the form is completed and submitted to, the requester will be contacted by a member of the ERMIS Development Team who will ask about additional functional requirements for the proposed KPI. The Office of Risk Services will review all requests and upon approval, IBM will begin the development process.  As the KPI is being developed, the ERMIS Development Team will be in contact to make sure that the KPI dashboard meets the functional requirements of the users.

The process is intended to be very simple and require a minimal amount of time on the part of the requestor.