Community College transfer preparation

Transfer preparation programs and initiatives

The University of California supports its commitment to California Community Colleges students through programs and initiatives focused on increasing the number of student prepared for transfer to UC and other 4-year institutions. These programs and initiatives raise student achievement levels, close achievement gaps and successfully prepare a diverse population of adults for academic and professional success. Transfer preparation programs provide services such as regular and sustained advising, peer mentoring and early identification models to improve student outcomes.


University of California transfer advisors are an important presence on community college campuses, providing convenient access to transfer services and promoting a transfer culture. Advisors provide individual advising, academic preparation workshops and other activities to address student transfer concerns.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring programs encourage students to connect with others who have successfully transferred and who can answer questions about the process from a student perspective. By providing a direct and personal contact to the transfer experience, the peer mentors motivate and encourage students to push themselves toward higher achievement.

Early Identification Initiative

UC campus transfer preparation programs work to identify and link transfer-bound high school students from the University’s K–12 academic preparation programs and local high schools with UC’s transfer services at community colleges. As transfer becomes increasingly competitive, these early identification models help ensure that more students are aware of and prepare for transfer as early as possible in high school so that they do not experience unnecessary delays. Contact a UC campus to learn more about these early identification opportunities.