UC Construction and the Law

Updates and Issues with UC Contracts, Policies and Laws

The Office of General Counsel Construction attorneys offered their annual program addressing current UC policy and Public Contract Code and how they interact our UC capital programs. The presenters focused on current issues, policy and contract changes and all their legal implications. This program was ideal for project managers (both major and minor capital projects), contract administrators, and other staff who work with UC’s construction and design contracts.

Presenters included the usual cast of characters with some surprises.  We enjoyed the Oakland regular brain trusts of Holly St. John, Cheryl Marshall, Catherine Kniazewycz, Vini Bhargava and Steve Morrell, with a special appearance by David Robinson.  As a bonus you will have the opportunity to meet OGC’s returning counselor and contributor Christine Haas located at UC San Francisco.

This program was held at UC Riverside at the Extension on May 22, 2013 and the Oakland City Center Marriott on May 29, 2013 from 8:30 to 4:00.


  1. Assignments for Equipment Purchases
  2. Prequalifications and Types of Business Entities
  3. Bid Protests (Listing unqualified subcontractors
  4. The Ban to Follow on Contracting & Conflicts of Interest
  5. Watch for Designers and Consultants Bidding the Work
  6. Obtaining Contractor Estimates for Free and Related Conflict of Interest
  7. Record Retention
  8. The Continuing Contract Exception:  Risks and Analysis
  9. Should Schematic Design be Handled via a PSA or an EDPA
  10. Amelco Revisited (Total Cost Claims are Back!!)
  11. Stop Payment Notice Provision or Why is the Acceptance Date so Important
  12. Jerryrigging the NOC
  13. Which Delivery Method Should We Use?
  14. P Approval and Project Approval Primer
  15. Sole Sourcing:  Contracting Strategies to Get the Product you want WITHOUT Violating Competitive Bidding Laws
  16. Bonding on Indefinite Quantity Contracts
  17. The Stull Act:  A New and Different Primer