ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit Training

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May 29, 2013- UC Riverside-Alumni & Visitor Center, Johnson Boardroom

June 4, 2013- UC San Francisco, Parnassus Campus - Medical Sciences Building Room S-20

8:30-4:30 (breakfast and registration at 8:00 a.m.)

Course Summary

 This course will train participants in how to conduct ASHRAE Level I Energy Audits. These audits are required as a prerequisite for LEED-EBOM certification. For campuses that pursue LEED-EBOM certification, this workshop will train CSU and UC staff so that they can implement those audits in-house rather than having to hire outside auditors. The main instructor, Jim Kelsey, was the lead author on ASHRAE’s Procedure for Commercial Energy Audits.  This course will emphasize best practices in Level 1 audits that minimize errors and add value to energy audits. Through this approach the instructors will use example measures to demonstrate common approaches, rather than trying to address all energy efficiency measures, in all end uses. For specific technical areas, the course will leave participants with a short list of valuable resources so you can continue your development following the class.



Jim Kelsey is the President of kW Engineering, and has been in the energy efficiency field since 1989. He founded kW Engineering in 1998 in order to do the work that he loves - exploring the technical side of energy efficiency to develop innovative and reliable ways to save energy in commercial and industrial facilities. Jim is a licensed mechanical engineer in California and Nevada and a LEED accredited professional. He is a past President of the San Francisco Bay Area Association of Energy Engineers, and was named its Energy Engineer of the Year in 2002. Jim is a voting member of ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 7.6 on Building Energy Performance, led the TC’s re-write of the ASHRAE publication Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits 2nd Edition, is a voting member of ASHRAE’s Standard 100 – Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings, and was recently appointed Chair of Standard 211 - Commercial Building Energy Audits. Jim regularly teaches energy auditing methods for commercial buildings at PG&E’s Pacific Energy Center and oversees delivery of all technical services at kW Engineering. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the California Energy Efficiency Industry Council where he works with industry, utilities, and state regulators to develop energy efficiency policies that meet environmental and business goals.

Arik Cohen is a Principal at kW Engineering. He is a professional engineer with over thirteen years of energy engineering experience. Mr. Cohen currently manages the Retro-commissioning and Energy Star verification services offered by kW Engineering. Cohen has provided technical energy engineering support to many private clients and a large variety of utility and state sponsored DSM programs. In addition to management responsibilities, Cohen has been the lead engineer on dozens of energy audits and retro-commissioning projects conducted on behalf of PG&E and other clients. He was also the lead engineer in several projects for SMUD’s Retro-commissioning and Demand Control Programs, and worked on a number of CEC funded research programs. Mr. Cohen has over seven years of experience performing due-diligence reviews for PG&E and SCE’s Demand Side Management programs. Mr. Cohen has experience investigating and documenting mechanical and electrical systems, recommending low-cost and investment grade energy savings measures, working with EMS systems, developing measurement and verification plans, and conducting energy saving calculations and cost analysis. Prior to working for kW Engineering, he worked as a Senior Consultant for Nexant (formally Schiller Associates), and Research Engineer at the Schatz Energy Research Center testing and designing fuel cell systems.

James Donson is a senior engineer at kW Engineering, currently providing technical services for the Integrated Audit programs of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). James graduated from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona campus with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. As a student at Cal Poly Pomona, James studied conventional, nuclear, and renewable energy generation and energy management. His professional experience includes energy audits and retro-commissioning.

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This program is paid for by the energy ratepayers of California under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.