We provide support, policy and contract guidance for campus capital programs and construction staff.

Construction Services provides guidance, support, and training to campus capital programs and construction staff. We provide campuses with innovative strategic options to deliver projects, manage costs, and mitigate project risk by advocating industry best practices and crafting complementary policies, procedures, guidelines, contract documents, and educational opportunities. We assist campuses in resolving construction disputes in an equitable and legal manner by offering advice and chairing the Construction Review Board. Construction Services Capital Program Institute leverages industry partnerships and UC professionals to educate over 800 annual UC registrants on more than a dozen critical topics.


Chris Hornbeck

Chris Hornbeck


Capital Programs Institute

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Below are proposed topics offered this Winter and Spring!


ADA for UC Project Managers
Capital Program Implementation for Planners
Project Management in the UC Environment
Building Commissioning for Project Managers

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For campuses: Find key information regarding the development of and reporting on Capital Projects, including benchmarks, processes, timelines, reporting and other resources.

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