Change the department head

Applicable to: landing page 01, 02 | Skill level: intermediate

Goal: Change the name of the department head on your department landing page.

You'll only need to do this when the head of your department changes. Make sure the new hire/promotion is public knowledge before you update the landing page.

You may also need to update the new department head's title before you add them to the landing page. See editing staff blocks to learn how.


Before you start: Make sure a staff block exists for the new head of your department (this will likely be in the "staff" or "contacts" folder).

  1. Navigate to the landing page of your site (this page will be called "index").

    edit the landing page

  2. Edit the landing page.

  3. Scroll down to the Leadership block. It will be just below the WYSIWYG content area and above the Staff Directory Link.

    Leadership block chooser

  4. Choose the staff block for the new department headClick on the existing block name or the Browse symbol (browse icon) at its right to browse assets, then find the correct staff block, click on it and choose Confirm. 

    Browse interface: choosing a staff block

  5. Submit the page to save your changes.

    submit button

  6. Respond to the spell check and link check, if needed (hit "Submit" for both to save your changes).

** Note: In a few instances, several people share leadership of a department. If that is the case, a special block will need to be created to reflect the leadership structure. Contact ITS or Communications for help.