Add a new content page

Applicable to: content pages | Skill level: easy

Goal: Create a new content page within your site.


  1. Select “Content page” in the New menu.

    Add a new content page

  2. Browse/verify Parent Folder — this is easy to forget!

    Content page data

  3. Provide a descriptive Title. (Cascade will convert the title you provide into a system name for the asset when you Submit the page).

  4. Enter additional descriptive information under Summary and Description. If your new content page is displaying on a category page, text entered in these fields will show up there.

  5. Leave No selected for Display in Navigation.

  6. Add a Subtitle, if appropriate. This will display as a subheader on your content page.

  7. Enter your page content in the WYSIWYG

    Remember that you should not paste content directly from Microsoft Word. This brings unwanted, non-standard behind-the-scenes code into Cascade that will cause the page to display incorrectly. 

    Instead, paste your content from Word into a plain text editor (Notepad, TextMate, etc.), then from the text editor into Cascade. See UC Santa Cruz's guidelines for editing in a WYSIWYG for more information.

  8. Submit.

    Be sure to review your Spell Check, Link and Accessibility reports, make any needed changes, and hit Submit until completed.