Un-publishing: steps

Applicable to: All assets

Goal: Remove assets from a web server.

You may wish to remove a page or file from a web server without deleting it from Cascade. This can be achieved by un-publishing it.

Un-publishing a page does NOT delete it from the CMS. Assets must be specifically deleted to be removed completely.

PLEASE NOTE: Most UCOP content editors do not have permission to access the published area/production server, and thus are not able to publish or unpublish to or from the live website. Please contact the help team at cascadehelp@ucop.edu and ask them to perform these actions for you.


  1. Navigate within Cascade to the asset you would like to un-publish.

  2. Click the Publish tab.

  3. Review the Destinations section carefully. Most content editors will have only one publishing destination listed here ([Site name] - Dev - Beta). To un-publish from the dev server, make sure this destination is checked.

    publish tab

  4. Under Options, make sure the Publish mode is set to Un-publish.

  5. Submit the page to confirm.

    Cascade will display a green bar above the page view confirming the process was started successfully.

  6. In a web browser, go to the dev site (http://dev.beta.ucop.edu) and confirm that the asset(s) were successfully removed. You may need to refresh or restart your browser to get the changes to appear.