Publishing: steps

Applicable to: All assets

PLEASE NOTE: Most UCOP content editors do not have permission to access the published area/production server, and thus are not able to publish or unpublish to or from the live website. Please contact the help team at and ask them to perform these actions for you.


  1. Navigate within Cascade to the asset you would like to publish.

  2. Click the Publish tab.

  3. Review the Destinations section carefully. Most content editors will have only one publishing destination listed here ([Site name] - Dev - Beta). To publish to the dev server, make sure this destination is checked.

    publish tab

  4. Under Options, make sure the Publish mode is set to Publish.

  5. Submit the page to confirm publishing.

    Cascade will display a green bar above the page view confirming the process was started successfully.

  6. In a web browser, go to the dev site ( and confirm that your changes were successfully published. You may need to refresh or restart your browser to get the changes to appear.