Capital Asset Strategies & Finance

We support systemwide capital projects and capital raising activities.

We access capital markets to finance capital and working capital needs for the university’s campuses, laboratories, and medical centers. We provide leadership and support in capital project policy, planning, design, contract and regulatory issues. We also originate and service mortgage loans for certain faculty and senior staff.

Sandra Kim

Sandra Kim

Associate Vice President - Finance


Capital Markets Finance

Supports capital-raising activities systemwide.

Top Destinations
Planning rates
Municipal advisor representations

Office of Loan Programs

Mortgage lending products for eligible faculty and senior managers.

Top Destinations
Mortgage Origination Program (MOP)
Basic loan information
Consumer information
Glossary of loan terminology

Bondholder Information

UC accesses the capital markets to finance capital and working capital needs for its campuses and medical centers. Here you'll find the university's most recent audited financial reports, official statements and investment information.

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