Purchase Orders & Payments team

See also: Purchase Orders & Payments team controls and processes. Contact Purchase Orders & Payments team.

Purchase order & payment forms

Download the necessary forms for purchase order & payment processes.

How to handle FedEx

How to request a FedEx label and ship your package.

PCard purchases

How to use BRC or department procurement cards for purchases.

Receiving and returns

How to receive shipments and what to do when one needs to be corrected or returned.

Pre-approval process for hiring outside consultants and independent contractors Link

As directed by President Napolitano in her January 22 email communication, all hirings of outside consultants and independent contractors, regardless of any prearrangement via a blanket agreement, must be approved by the President prior to contract negotiation.

FedEx label & OfficeMax direct ordering by departments Process and training PDF

Process and training

Departments are offered the option of placing order for their supplies or processing FedEx shipping labels.