Catalog orders

  1. When a department determines they have a need to purchase catalog items, they complete the BRC form (or an equivalent), obtain the appropriate authorization and signatures, and send or deliver the form to the BRC Purchase Orders and Payments team.

  2. Forms received are date stamped, logged, and compliance-checked by a BRC preparer.  The compliance checklist includes: department code and FAU to be charged; appropriate departmental authorizations; business justification; policy compliance; and item description. 

  3. If the purchase documentation does not pass the compliance check, the BRC preparer works with the department to resolve issues and advises them as to what action or additional documentation is needed before the request can be processed.

  4. If the purchase documentation passes the compliance check, the BRC preparer enters the purchase details in BruinBuy and places the order for the department.  In order to post, each transaction must have a mandatory reviewer.  Mandatory reviewers are established within the system authorization structure and are in the BRC.  At least one individual in each department is designated as a non-mandatory reviewer in the system.  Non-mandatory reviewers automatically receive PANs for all transactions for their departments.  Departments may request that additional departmental personnel receive PANs for specific transactions, in which case the e-mail addresses would be manually entered by the preparer

  5. When the BRC preparer submits the order, it goes directly to the vendor for fulfillment.

  6. Once the order is submitted, PANs are generated and sent to the BRC mandatory reviewer, the non-mandatory reviewer, and any other individuals in the requesting department who have been designated by the preparer to receive them, serving as notification that the items have been ordered.

  7. PANs received by a BRC mandatory reviewer must be reviewed within 2 business days.  The BRC mandatory reviewer compares the information on the PAN with the documentation supporting the purchase request to ensure the transaction was processed accurately and in compliance with policies and procedures.  If issues are identified, the BRC mandatory reviewer notifies the BRC preparer and either a change order or cancellation is processed.

  8. The documentation supporting the purchase request is retained.

  9. The vendor receives the order directly through BruinBuy, fulfills, and ships the order to the "ship to" address (generally the department requesting the items).  Upon shipment of the order, the vendor electronically invoices UCLA Accounts Payable for payment.

  10. The department receives the order.  Items received are checked against the packing slip. If there are issues with the order (for example, items are missing, damaged or incorrect), the department contacts the BRC for resolution (Vendor Return Process).

  11. The BRC preparer attaches the packing slip to the packet of documentation supporting the order, logs the order as “completed,” and files the packet.  The packet is used in the Ledger Reconciliation process.