Pre-approval process for hiring outside consultants and independent contractors

As directed by President Napolitano in her January 22 email communication, all hirings of outside consultants and independent contractors, regardless of any prearrangement via a blanket agreement, must be approved by the President prior to contract negotiation. 

This process applies to all OP departments and divisions, including the Officers of the Regents and OP employees in the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


  1. Department consults with subject matter expert unit(s) (see table below) to ensure the work does not overlap with existing operations and staff, and to see if the need can be addressed using existing internal resources.

  2. Requestor completes the Request for Approval of Contractors and Consultants (pdf) and drafts the Decision Memo (Word) for Department Head to review. Following Department Head's approval, requestor sends packet to Purchasing/Procurement for review via

  3. Purchasing/Procurement team provides comments/recommendation and forwards the request to Division Head (see list below).  If request appears to overlap with work done by expert units, Purchasing/Procurement may convene a cross-functional Advisory Board to assist in the review. 

  4. Division Head reviews the request and, if he or she supports it, completes the Decision Memo, stipulating that the resources being requested are not available in his or her division. Packet is then delivered by Purchasing/Procurement to the President’s Office.

  5. President Napolitano reviews and determines whether to approve request via Decision Memo.  Decision Memo will then be returned to Purchasing/Procurement.

  6. If approved, Purchasing/Procurement logs request and negotiates contract with vendor.

OP Budget Donna Jones, Director
Business Resource Center (BRC) Amal Smith, Interim Director
Building and Administrative Service Center (BASC) Steve Murray, Director
Pamela Madison, Space and Relocation Manager
Communications Yem Ling Fong, Production/Business Operations Manager
Local Human Resources John Fox, Executive Director
Information Technology Services (ITS) Shirley Bittlingmeier, Client Services Manager
Purchasing/Procurement Billy McV, UCOP Senior Buyer
Institutional Research Rosemary Chengson, Coordinator

Division Heads

Aimee Dorr: Office of the Provost
Nathan Brostrom: Business Operations
Nathan Brostrom: Finance
Dan Dooley: External Relations
Barbara Allen Diaz: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Jagdeep Singh Bachher: Chief Investment Officer
Sheryl Vacca: Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services
Charlie Robinson: General Counsel
Jack Stobo: Health Sciences and Services
Kimberly Budil: Lab Management
Anne Shaw:  Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents
Martha Winnacker: Academic Senate

Requirements for additional approval

If the negotiated contract amount exceeds the pre-approved estimate by 10% or more, then additional approvals are required as follows:

  • Between 10 and 20%:  Executive Vice President for Business Operations (EVP-BO) is authorized to approve.
    • When submitting the PSA/ICA contract to EVP-BO for signature, department must indicate that the amount is 10-20% higher than the pre-approved estimate.
  • More than 20%: The President will have to re-approve the request.
    • Department must re-submit the request and the decision memo with the new contract amount.