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Course description templates

These templates are helpful guides when preparing new courses for submission to UC for "a-g" approval. The templates share the course information required for all new course submissions. Please align your course content descriptions closely to the guidelines in the templates. All course submissions must be submitted through the Online Update website.

General course templates

Information found in the templates below are required for all new course submissions, including previously approved courses.

Subject-specific templates

In addition to the information required in the general course templates above, subject-specific course information is required for all new courses, except for those courses defined as previously approved. These subject-specific templates provide the additional course content information required to submit for "a-g" review. Please read the “Course Guidance” at the beginning of each template prior to completing the course submission to become familiar with each subject area’s course criteria and requirements.

Mathematics (“c”)

Laboratory science (“d”)

Language other than English (“e”)

Visual and performing arts (“f”)