Revising existing courses

The “Revise Courses” section on the Online Update website is used for making basic changes to "a-g" courses.

About course revisions

Revisions are defined as changes in:

  • course title
  • transcript abbreviation
  • course code
  • schools associated with a course (districts only)
  • category
  • grade level
  • shortening the length of a course from year (1.0 unit) to semester (0.5 units)
  • removing UC honors status
  • deleting a course

Significant changes to a course’s content, moving an approved course to a different subject area, extending the length of a course from a semester to a year and adding the UC honors designation to an existing course requires a new course submission. Changes to a course title, transcript abbreviation or category that implies significant modifications to a course’s original content may also require the submission of a new complete course content description.

Revisions to courses will not be reflected immediately on the "a-g" course list. Our analysts must first approve of the changes to the course.

The submission cycle

The Online Update website is open for the "a-g" course submission cycle annually from February 1 - September 15. Revisions to existing courses may only be completed during this time. Changes to courses are reflective on the    "a-g" course list beginning with the academic year corresponding to the submission cycle the course was updated.


Find answers to common questions, including step-by-step instructions and additional information on navigating the “Revise Courses” section.