Big changes on the way

Coming in 2015: A-G Course Management Portal

The University of California is launching a new “a-g” course database system in February 2015 that aims to make life easier for K-12 teachers, counselors, curriculum developers, and administrators.

The design of the new A-G Course Management Portal, or A-G CMP, is underway and is part of the UC High School Articulation unit’s initiative to improve the overall “a-g” course submission and review process. Major highlights include:

  • Offering incentives for earlier “a-g” course submissions, which facilitates “a-g” course approvals before UC admissions applications are reviewed (see dates & deadlines)
  • Expanding the staff team of UC Articulation Analysts

Updates to our progress will be shared as often as possible, so please bookmark this page for further information. If you have comments or questions about the changes that will take effect in 2015-16, please feel free to contact us.

A-G & Common Core Math

UC is working together with California high schools with the transition and implementation of California's Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The High School Articulation staff reviews high school courses against the “a-g” course criteria determined by UC faculty. Those criteria and the goals of the “a-g” subject requirements are consistent with the goals underlying the Common Core State Standards. During this transition, please refer to our FAQs [PDF] that address many of the concerns and questions regarding the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the "a-g" subject requirements, specifically in the area of mathematics.

UC's support of Common Core

The “a-g” course criteria and the goals of the “a-g” subject requirements for freshman admission to UC are consistent with the goals underlying California’s Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Over the past 18 months, UC’s Academic Senate and the UC Office of the President (UCOP) have engaged in several initiatives to bolster statewide Common Core implementation efforts.  For details, please refer to the July 2014 UCOP briefing [PDF] that summarizes how UC faculty and UCOP Articulation support CCSS.