Online course publishers

What is an online course publisher?

Online course publishers develop their own curriculum and sell or license their online courses for delivery by a teacher or administrator within the local high school or district. The publisher typically does not issue credit toward a diploma to students who complete their courses. Credit is issued instead by the student's home high school.

An online educational program that is both an online school and sells their own curriculum is considered by the University to be an online school and must meet the requirements specific to online schools to establish and maintain an “a-g” course list.

A-G online courses

Online course publishers are responsible for obtaining “a-g” approval on behalf of the schools, districts and programs that purchase or license their courses. UC grants a three-year approval term to all online courses that are approved for "a-g" purposes. Every three years, publishers are required to complete the two-step "a-g" online course review process.

When a new course from an online publisher is approved, it is automatically placed on the publisher’s “a-g” course list. Any school, district or program offering a publisher's online course can add the approved course to their “a-g” course list using the A-G Course Management Portal (A-G CMP).

New online course publishers

An online course publisher wishing to establish an “a-g” course list must:

  • Assess a course against the iNACOL course standards. Only those courses that are assessed against the iNACOL Standards for Quality Online Courses may be submitted to UC for “a-g” approval. To establish an "a-g" course list, the publisher must complete a self-assessment against the iNACOL course standards for at least one of their college-preparatory courses.

  • Complete the New Online Course Publisher Information Form by July 15. This form is designed for UC to verify that the publisher meets the University’s criteria to establish an “a-g” course list and to capture basic institutional and contact information. An online course publisher must have at least one course self-assessed against the iNACOL course standards before completing the New Online Course Publisher Information Form [PDF]. UC will only accept and review New Online Course Publisher Information forms submitted from January 1 - July 15. Publishers who submit their form prior to July 15 will receive an opportunity to submit their courses before the course submission period closes on September 15. Programs that act as both an online course publisher and an online school should complete the information form for online schools.  

    This July deadline is in place to ensure that new publishers have sufficient time to populate their "a-g" course lists with approved courses before UC campuses begin reviewing undergraduate applications. Any new publishers unable to meet the July 15 deadline may submit a completed form during the following year.
  • Begin preparing courses for “a-g” review. While UC reviews the New Online Course Publisher Information Form, publishers can begin preparing their self-assessed courses for submission to UC. Our course submission template gives a comprehensive overview of the required course content information needed for “a-g” review and can serve as a guide in developing course descriptions for submission.

Once UC has set up the “a-g” course list, the publisher will receive an email notification, in addition to instructions on how to log onto the A-G CMP. All new courses and course list updates may only be submitted online using the A-G CMP while it is open for the annual course submission period from February 1 to September 15.

Looking for a publisher's course list?

Use the A-G Course Lists website to search for an online publisher's "a-g" course list and to determine which of their courses are "a-g" approved.

Questions? Contact us!

New publishers with questions on how to establish an "a-g" course list can contact