Navigating the Online Update website

California high schools, districts and programs manage their “a-g” course lists using the Online Update website. All new courses seeking UC approval and revisions to course lists are submitted via the Update website.

Dates and deadlines

The annual "a-g" course list submission cycle is divided into three phases. Each phase determines the number of resubmission opportunities awarded to new courses initially submitted during that time. All submissions, including new courses, resubmissions and course list revisions, must be submitted to UC by September 15.

A-G course submission timeline

Phase #1 

February 1 - May 31

Submitted courses have up to 2* resubmissions

Phase #2

June 1 - July 31

Submitted courses have up to 1 resubmission

Phase #3

August 1 - September 15

Submitted courses have no resubmissions

Final deadline

September 15

New courses, resubmissions and course list updates

*Phase 1: 1st resubmission due by July 31; 2nd resubmission due by September 15

User IDs and passwords

UC assigns user IDs and passwords for each school, district and program for access to the Online Update website. This log-in information will not change from year to year, and from administrator to administrator. New schools wishing to submit their courses for “a-g” approval must first complete the New School Information Form.

Schools and programs are given two sets of IDs and passwords:

  1. The “limited access” login, often given to teachers, permits the user to prepare courses for submission, but are unable to submit courses for review; and

  2. The “full access” login allows the user to both prepare and submit courses for review.

Districts are only assigned a “full access” login. To receive your institution’s login information, please contact us.

Computer system requirements

We recommend using one the following internet browsers when on the Online Update website:

  • Internet Explorer 7-9
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6-9
  • Google Chrome 16

Having technical issues? Contact us.


Expand the sections below to find common questions, additional information, helpful hints and step-by-step instructions to help you navigate through the Online Update website. 

General questions
There are no changes to our “a-g” course list for this year. How can last year's list be rolled forward?

Submission of your school’s demographic information will roll forward all approved courses from the previous year and publish the current year’s “a-g” course list on the “a-g” Course List website. No additional submissions are needed if there are no other changes to your list for the upcoming year. The demographic information may be submitted using the “School Information” link at the top of the “Start Here” page on the Online Update website.

Should courses be removed from our “a-g” list that will not be offered this year?

Yes, please remove all courses from your “a-g” course list that will not be offered in the upcoming academic year.

Errors in “a-g” course lists can disadvantage prospective University of California and California State University (CSU) applicants. UC and CSU admissions evaluators refer to the course lists when reviewing student applications for undergraduate admission. Admissions evaluators are seeking to understand how the applicant has taken advantage of the courses that are offered at the student’s high school. In considering each applicant in light of his or her local educational environment, the University is able to provide a fairer review of the applicant’s achievements “in context.” When schools leave courses on the course list that are not offered in a particular year, admission evaluators are unable to obtain the most accurate understanding of an individual applicant’s achievements.

Courses removed from an “a-g” course list may be reinstated within three years without resubmitting a complete course content description. These courses can be added back onto the course list as previously approved courses.

One of our courses was accidently left off our course list last year. How can I make changes to a previous year's "a-g" course list?

An institution may complete the Retroactive Change to A-G Course List Petition [PDF] requesting a retroactive change their "a-g" course list. Institutions may only petition for course discrepancies noted within the last three academic years and are limited to three petitions per institution every five years.

What are the implications for submitting new courses near the end of the annual submission cycle?

Courses submitted during the final phase (August 1 - September 15) of the submission cycle will not be awarded a resubmission opportunity if the course is not initially approved. The course will then have to be submitted again as a new course for "a-g" consideration during the next submission cycle.

In addition, the UC application goes live on August 1. Courses submitted later in the submission cycle may not be approved in time for when students may begin completing their UC applications in August.

How can I access previously submitted course descriptions?

Past course descriptions are available on the Online Update website in the “Find Submission” section. Please be sure to search for courses using the exact course title that appeared on the original course submission. Depending on how and when your course descriptions were received, they may be unavailable to view in the “Find Submission” section.

Accessing the website
I am receiving a “user has limited access” message when attempting to submit. What does this mean?

This message can mean one of two things:

  1. Check that you are logged onto the Online Update website using your institution's “full access” login (the user ID will have a S01 at the end). If you are logged onto the website with a “limited access” login (the user ID will not have a S01 at the end), you will receive the “user has limited access” message when attempting to submit. The “limited access” user ID and password grants the user access to only input information into the course submission form, but not to submit for review. Only the “full access” login can perform this function.

  2. If you are logged onto the Online Update website using your school’s “full access” login (again, the user ID will have a S01 at the end), check that UC is still accepting new courses, course revisions, resubmissions and other course list updates for the year. If you are attempting to submit after one of our deadlines, you will receive the “user has limited access” message when attempting to submit even if you are logged onto the website with your “full access” user ID and password.
Who from our school or district should be responsible for updating the "a-g" course list each year?

Each school and district should establish a process for updating their "a-g" course list. The principal or head of school is considered by UC to be the certifying agent for the school. However, an assistant principal or head counselor from a school site, or a curriculum coordinator from the district, may be designated for this responsibility. It is essential that teachers go through proper channels for "a-g" course submission as established by the school or district. UC prefers to have a single point person from each school or district in charge of managing the course submission process.

Demographic information
How do I submit my school’s demographic information?

Use the “School Information” link at the top of the “Start Here” page on the Online Update website to submit your school’s demographic information. For districts, this link will be titled “District Information” and for programs, the link will be titled “Program Information.”

How long does it take for changes to the demographic information to be reflected on the "a-g" course list?

Because these types of submissions are not reviewed by a subject area analyst, any changes to the demographic information are immediately updated on the “a-g” course list.

When can the demographic information be updated? How often may changes to my demographic information be made within each course submission cycle?

The demographic information on the “a-g” course list may only be updated when the Online Update website is open for the annual course submission cycle each February 1 - September 15. However, within each update cycle, the demographic information may be updated and resubmitted as many times as needed.

Why does it say “School Not Accredited” on our “a-g” course list? Our school just received an extension from our accrediting organization.

Only accredited schools, or schools that are candidates for accreditation, are eligible to establish and maintain an “a-g” course list. Any school that loses their accreditation will also lose their course list. Failure to update your school’s accreditation information promptly may result in your course list temporarily disappearing from the "a-g" Course List website and replaced with the message “School Not Accredited.” If you are receiving this message, please submit an updated school information submission using the “School Information” link on the Online Update website and your course list will re-appear on the "a-g" Course List website. If it is past the course list update cycle deadline of September 15, please contact us immediately regarding your accreditation status.

Submitting new courses
Can a single course have more than one associated transcript abbreviation and/or course code?

Yes. For some schools and districts, more than one transcript abbreviation and/or course code is assigned to a single course. These different transcript abbreviations or codes may be associated with each semester or trimester of a yearlong course or may be used to identify students in certain academies, pathways or programs enrolled in the same course. Please be sure that all associated transcript abbreviations for a course are included in the submission.

Which grade level(s) should be selected for a course?

The grade level(s) selected for a course should be an indication of the grade level(s) to which the course content was designed. The selected grade level(s) should not be a representation of the grade level(s) of the students who may enroll in a course. Students in grade levels not selected for an “a-g” course may still take the course and use it toward satisfying the “a-g” subject requirements.

Does a change in textbook require the submission of a new complete course content description?

It depends. If the new textbook will significantly alter the course content and key assignments originally approved by UC, then a new complete course content description is required. This new course submission can be completed using the “New Course” section on the Online Update website. If the new textbook will not modify the curriculum significantly, then no new course or course revision submission is needed.

I am having some difficulty formatting my text in the textboxes in the new course online form. Do you have any recommendations?

There are some basic formatting tools available at the top of every textbox. If the course information is being entered directly into the textboxes, these icons can change font sizes, start a bulleted or numbered list, highlight text in color and insert symbols. Or, use the “Paste from Word” icon from the textbox menu of tools to easily paste text from Word into the textbox.This helps retain the text’s original formatting in Word. We recommend not copying and pasting text directly into the textbox.

You may also notice the appearance of additional symbols or extra spaces in your text. Please ignore these as this is a known internal technical issue. Our subject area analysts are aware of the technical issues and limitations in formatting and will be overlooking irregular formatting, additional spaces and excess symbols when evaluating courses for “a-g” approval.

How can I verify that UC received our recent course submissions? Where can I review the status of my courses?

After submitting a new course, revision, resubmission or update to your school information, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided on the final page of the submission. Also, the submission will appear in the “Submitted” section on the Online Update website.

Once a course completes the review process, you will receive another email notification and the course will also appear in the “Results” section on the Online Update website.

Previously approved courses
I entered three characters in the blank field to search for a school name or course title. I did not press “Enter” nor clicked “Next.” I have waited a minute, but the drop down menu is still not appearing for me to select the school or course. Did I do something wrong?

You did not do anything wrong. Depending on your internet speed and the number of users on the Online Update website, it can take a few minutes for the drop down menu to appear. If after waiting 3-5 minutes a drop down menu still doesn't’t show up, try switching to another internet browser. If you are still experiencing technical difficulties after switching browsers, please feel free to contact us.

Why is it that when I try to select a school or course from the drop down menu, my selection always reverts to the first school name or course title in the menu?

Using an internet browser that the Online Update website does not fully support can cause this issue with the drop down menus. If available, try switching to another internet browser or contact us for additional technical support.

When completing a course submission for a previously approved course, I noticed that some of the sections of the online form are pre-populated. Can I make changes to these sections?

Our system will automatically pre-populate some of the fields in the new course submission form for previously approved courses with information from the original submission. Some sections of the form will be grayed out and un-editable. These sections include the course title, honors status, subject area, course category and unit value (or length) of the course. Other portions of the form, such as the transcript abbreviations, grade levels and brief course description, may also pre-populated with content from the original course submission; however, these sections can be changed to reflect information relevant to your school.

How can a district reinstate a course to the district “a-g” course list?

At this time, districts are unable to reinstate courses to their district’s “a-g” course list. Our technical staff is working on fixing this issue. During the interim, the district must first reinstate the course to one of their high school’s "a-g" course list that offered the course within the last three years. The district will need to log onto the Online Update website using the school’s assigned user ID and password. Once the course has been reinstated to the individual high school’s list, the course will also automatically appear on the district’s “a-g” course list. The district can then submit a course revision, using the “Revise Course” section, to add the course to any other high school in the district that will also be offering the course within the upcoming school year.

I am having some difficulties reinstating a course to my list. When searching for the course, the drop down menu says that no course can be found. Do you have any recommendations?

Please check that you have selected the correct update cycle year in which the course was removed from your list. The school year selected should not be the year the course was last taught, but rather the update cycle year the course was removed. For example, if a course was last offered during the 2010-11 academic year, then the course was removed during the 2011-12 course list update cycle. The 2011-12 year should be selected from the drop down menu on the “Cover Page - COURSE REINSTATED” page.

Also, verify that you are entering the first three letters of the course title as it appeared on the list prior to removal.

How are AP courses added to an “a-g” course list? Can an AP course be added that is under Audit review?

AP courses may be added to a course list as a previously approved program course. Schools may also add AP courses to their course list as previously approved courses that have been submitted to the AP Audit, but have not been approved yet. Courses defined as previously approved do not require a complete course content description for submission and review.

An AP course was removed last year and needs to be reinstated to our “a-g” course list for this school year. How can the AP course be added back onto our course list?

UC requests that AP courses and other program courses be reinstated to your course list as previously approved program courses in order for the school to verify that the AP course has passed, or in, the AP Audit process.

Our school offers the Expository Reading and Writing course from the CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP). How do we add this course to our course list? Is a complete course content description required?

The CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP) has been granted UC program status and their Expository Reading and Writing course is “a-g” approved. Any school may add this course to their “a-g” course list as a previously approved program course using the “New Course” submission section on the Online Update website. A complete course content description will not be required for submission and review.

Next year, our Regional Occupation Program (ROP) will be offering a new course. Should we, the school, submit the course for “a-g” approval, or should the ROP submit the curriculum first?

All ROP courses should first be submitted by the ROP and "a-g" approved by UC before the courses are added to a school’s or district’s “a-g” course list. UC-approved programs, such as ROPs, have been awarded program status that allows the program to submit their curriculum on behalf of the schools and districts they serve. Once an individual course is “a-g” approved, designated schools can add the program course to their “a-g” course list as a previously approved course and will not be required to submit a complete course content description for review.

Revising existing courses
I accidently clicked on a course title in the “Revise Course” section and a started a revision submission in the “Draft” section. How can I delete this submission?

At this time, revision submissions cannot be deleted from the “Draft” section. To remove the submission from the “Draft” section, you can either:

  1. Submit the revision submission as is without proposing any changes to the existing course. Our analysts will “approve” and process the submission and no changes will be made to the approved course; or,

  2. Keep the revision submission in the “Draft” section. Our technical staff will remove the submission from this section prior to the opening of the next course submission cycle in February. Only the un-submitted revision submission will be removed, not the actual course from the “a-g” course list.
Why am I receiving a duplicate course title or duplicate transcript abbreviation error message when attempting to revise a course?

Each course must have its own unique title and transcript abbreviation(s). Multiple courses cannot have the same course title and/or transcript abbreviation. You are receiving this error message because you are attempting to revise a course that has the same title and/or transcript abbreviation as another course on your “a-g” course list. Make the appropriate changes to one or both of the duplicate courses so that each has its own individual course title and transcript abbreviation(s).

Each time I submit a course revision, I am always prompted to provide a new transcript abbreviation. How can I continue without entering a new transcript abbreviation?

The Online Update website will automatically populate a blank transcript abbreviation field in the course revision form. If your proposed revisions to a course do not include adding a new transcript abbreviation, this blank field must be deleted to continue with the submission. To delete this blank transcript abbreviation field, click on the blue “Delete” button to the right of the field.

As a district, how can I add or remove a course from a school’s “a-g” course list?

For districts, adding or removing a course from a school’s “a-g” course list is defined as a revision to an existing course and can be completed using the “Revise Course” section on the Online Update website. To begin, click on the course title in this section. To add a school to the course, select the school from the “Schools Not Associated” list. To remove the course from a school’s "a-g" list, un-select the school from the “Associated Schools” list. The selected and un-selected schools will not move between the “Associated” and “Not Associated” lists. Just remember that the course will only appear on those “a-g” course lists for the schools that are selected.

To delete a course entirely from a district’s “a-g” course list, and all associated schools’ course lists, select the “Delete Course from Course List” box in the course revision form. Remember, to reinstate this course back onto the district’s “a-g” course list, the course will need to be first reinstated to an individual school’s "a-g" list before it may be added to other school’s course lists within the district.

One of our advanced, tenth-grade students wants to take our Honors Chemistry course. The grade levels selected for this course are grades 11 and 12. Is a course revision required to add grade 10 to the Honors Chemistry course?

The grade level(s) selected for an “a-g” course are an indication of the grade level(s) for which the course content was designed. It is not a representation of the students’ grade levels that are enrolled in the course. A course revision is not necessary to add grade 10 to the Honors Chemistry course. This tenth-grade student can still use this course toward satisfying the "a-g" subject requirements even though their grade level is not selected for this “a-g” course.

How do I delete a course from an “a-g” course list?

Deleting a course from a list is defined as a course revision and is completed in the “Revise Course” section on the Online Update website. To delete a course, click on the course title in this section. In the course revision online form, select the “Delete Course from Course List” box. Click “Next” at the bottom of the page and submit the course revision for processing. Courses are not automatically removed from a course list upon submission. One of our analysts must first “approve” of the course deletion.

The results
The result of a course revision submission was “Approved as Revised.” What does this mean?

A result status of “Approved as Revised” means that some, but not all, of the proposed changes to an “a-g” course were approved. Please review the reviewer’s comments in the “Results” section on the Online Update website for further clarification.

Where can I access the results and analyst’s comments from courses submitted during a previous update cycle?

Past course submissions, including the analysts comments, are available to view in the “Find Submission” section on the Online Update website.

How do I resubmit a previously approved course that was not approved? The course is not showing up in the “Resubmission” section.

Courses designated as “previously approved” in their initial submission will not be resubmitted using the “Resubmission” section on the Online Update website. Instead, these courses are resubmitted using the “New Course” section by submitting another previously approved course submission.

The analyst in their comments stated that my course needs to be resubmitted as a previously approved course. I am unable to change this option in my resubmission. How do I resubmit the course?

A course’s “previously approved” designation cannot be changed using the “Resubmission” section on the Online Update website. Courses in this scenario must be resubmitted using the “New Course” section. The initial submission will remain in the “Resubmission” section until the September 15 resubmission deadline when it will be removed from this section.

The course title to my resubmission is no longer accessible in the "Resubmission" section. What happened to the resubmission? How can I now resubmit they course?

Course titles can disappear from the “Resubmission” section if the submission was deleted prior to resubmission. This happens when the course is manually deleted from the “Draft” section after the resubmission has already been started. Unfortunately, the High School Articulation staff will be unable to retrieve the resubmission once it has been deleted. This course will need to be resubmitted as a new course, using the “New Course” section on the Online Update website.

My course was initially submitted during Phase 1 of the submission cycle, and I missed the first resubmission deadline of July 31. Can I still submit the second resubmission by September 15?

New courses initially submitted during Phase 1 (February 1 - May 31) of the "a-g" course submission cycle are awarded two additional resubmission opportunities if the course is not initially approved. The deadline for the first resubmission is July 31 and the deadline for the second resubmission is September 15. If the first resubmission deadline is missed, the second resubmission may still be completed prior to the September 15 deadline; but this will be the course's only resubmission opportunity.